Lawyers in The Prat. Labour right, fiscal, divorces, mercantile

We begin our stage in the 2015 like juridical studio in the Prat of Llobregat, in Barcelona, offering on-line and face-to-face services to national level, represented by the lawyer Alfredo Pérez Rey, referee of the illustrate School of lawyers of Guipúzcoa with a ámplia experience loaning services to companies and particular from 1987.


My name is Alfredo Pérez Rey, collegiate lawyer in the Illustrate School of Lawyers of Guipúzcoa from 1987
And established in The Prat of Llobregat exerting like Skilled lawyer in Civil Right: Separations, subjects of family, real-estate management, communities or bad praxis banking among others, and with wide labour right experience. This does not prevent us know at least the principles of penal right and other branches since our conception of the juridical arranging is holística in the sense to see relations among all the branches that academically have elaborated on the right. It does not have felt to transact inheritances without fiscal knowledges, labour right, or ignoring right concursal, for example.

We want to approach the right to the people and that the client seats that it protects him and does not assault him. Being the justice a right of the citizens, the lawyer does not have to be somebody distant or indifferent, but near, that listen and pipe in front of the Courts the positive emotions or refusals of the citizen.

A greeting to all and thank you.
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