Juridical services
Have a very interesting promotion for the couples that divorce by via civil (friendly),only 750 €.
Head to the office that have in THE PRAT OF LLOBREGAT.
Tel. 935106 765.
Movil 673690 634.

If they head to we through the form of this page will obtain 25% dto. In other subjects.

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Services of civil and labour right

These are the services of civil right, labour right, mercantile and official that offer you in Estudi Juridic Castella Abgados in The Prat of Llobregat. It contacts with us to ask more information.
Abogados especialistas en derecho civil

Pleaded specialists in civil right

Urban leases, horizontal property, civil responsibility, disability, civil contracting, claims of debts, right sucesorio, right hipotecario.
Abogados derecho de familia

Right lawyers of family

Divorces, pensions of foods, custodies of minors and incapacitated, inheritances and matrimonial capitulations.
Asesores y Abogados laborales

Aides and labour Lawyers

Dismissals, modification of the conditions of work, claim of finiquitos, professional qualification, negotiations employed / company, inspection of work, impugnations.
Abogados derecho administrativo

Right lawyers official

Expropriations, procedures sancionatorios, administrative dispute, claims patrimoniales to the public administration.
Abogados derecho mercantil

Mercantile right lawyers

Right concursal, right societario, claim of mercantile debts.
Abogados penalistas en El Prat de Llobregat

Lawyers penalistas in The Prat of Llobregat

Accidents of traffic, crimes patrimoniales, alcoholemias and other crimes of the security of the traffic.
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